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"Michael was creative, thorough and attentive throughout the complete design and build process. We couldn't be happier with the results​"

 — Christine Turner

"Michael made my dreams come his fastidiousness, technical prowess, timeliness, and most importantly for me, his ability and willingness to work with a demanding. sophisticated, and second-guessing client (me, that is). We made a great partnership and I am at home in the stunning results everyday"

— Cora Roelofs

"Michael approaches problem solving with an open mind, and the results are great. For instance, he came up with an innovative and green solution to our residential insulation problem, adapting a strategy that had been used almost exclusively in commercial contexts. This was several years ago and, since then, the strategy has become almost a standard option for residential use. We continue to enjoy the benefits"

  —Cynthia Goheen


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